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March 12, 2011

Aria :: 2 months

She is growing! Aria is already 2 months old, wow! I still feel like she is my little new born. She is so sweet, this little one can give you a smile when you need it most. She is so content and easy to love, even when being ignored she will cheerfully give a little smirk to her big brother Logan. I love her to bits, especially since she spoils me so much! More cuteness to see!

So far I am stayin on track with my little blog for Aria’s pictures but now my next goal is to make sure I take some photo’s of little Logan and post a update on him to! Hopefully I will keep capturing them as they grow and have all my editing up to date for when I work on their albums. I got Logan’s first year book in the mail from Blurb a couple weeks ago and i LOVE it!

More to come!

  1. Sara says:

    ANNDDD she officially looks like Jay again. Insane!!! But SOO adorable!!!

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