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Love, Wedding

April 23, 2011

Michael + Sabrina :: Wedding Session with Tara McMullen and Pikto

My head is spinning! Day two of the Pikto workshop, was full of so much advice and guidance by Tara McMullen. Seriously, she was so helpful and truly a naturally talented photographer. I have lots of things to do and get in order as photo shoots are booking and the wedding and portrait season is coming up uber fast! I love it!  Now seeing photography in a new light, I have such a kick start I am just running with it!

For our day two photo shoot we had two great models Michael + Sabrina were so adorable. After six years of wedded bliss they celebrated with a photo shoot with us! Sabrina’s looked stunning with her hair and make up done by Krista, who was so great to work with to get all those prep. shots. We took on some bad lighting situations to learn some trick (thanks Tara!) and in some tight spaces with fabulous light to get “the” shot. These two were so easy to work with, took our guidance wonderfully when posing and really were just natural.

They were are in love. it showed!

glamourous. fabulous. in love. composed. adorable.

As you can see in the photo’s below we had to fight for the shot sometimes. Gives a little perspective on what I had to work with for taking pictures from the back row. truly had to seize every moment to get in front of these two! Or steal the bride or groom to your self and get some killer shots! Little Aria came along for these two days and was amazing, she slept through both photo shoots in her sling!  I love this little baby girl, distracted Tara every morning with her coo’s and squish-able smile! (Sara got distracted too! She got some brilliant shots too, scroll to the bottom to see Aria)

Thanks for all the ‘love’ Tara!

  1. Sara says:

    I love you. That is all!

    Well, that and AMAZING shots my friend!! Now I must PING you back now that you’ve posted!! xoxo

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