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Love, Wedding

May 4, 2011

Karen + George :: Toronto Wedding

I had the honor of photographing Karen (designer extraordinaire) and George’s wedding with the wonderful Sara Wilde in Toronto this past weekend. A stunning spring day at the Beeches and the old Enoch Turner Schoolhouse, a great venue with some incredible romantic lighting situations. These two are simply perfect for each other. Honestly, so in love.

Karen was such a relaxed bride, I walked into morning preparations only too see all the ladies sipping on tea while writing speeches. Everyone was looking fabulous with hair and makeup made complete with  stunning gowns. This wedding has been one of the most detailed and designer-ish I have seen! Karen, a graphic design partner at Sputnik Design Inc. had every vintage school house detail covered! The reception hall and school house were filled with apples, globes, school books, pencils, chalkboard and lavished in vintage style!

LOVE it! love love love it!

  1. Sara Wilde says:

    LOVES IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! eeep! :oD

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