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June 13, 2011

june. Aria + Logan

my little ones!

This last month has been a little crazy, but i kinda like that! Aria has been getting a lot of personality and squirming all over! Sleeping like an angle, so we are thankful for some consistent uninterrupted sleep again! Mr. Logan has been loving all this fabulous summer weather and living outside! Fabulous days at the park, in the water, and lots of walks! We are getting pretty excited for summer camping to begin and beachin’ it up with friends, truly going to be a fun (busy, but fun) summer running after these two!

Aria was pulling some hilarious faces when I was taking some shots! I killed my self laughing when I was editing them! Logan got ambushed by the camera immediately after he woke up, hence the sleepy eyes and soother face! just an ordinary napping afternoon over here! I am so spoiled that they nap consistently together in the afternoons allows me to get my work done, we will see how much longer this lasts for. I will take it while I get it!

enjoy the sun! xoxo

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