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July 20, 2011

bake :: Rainbow Cake

So what do I do when arrive home one day before my son’s second birthday party? Bake a SIX layered rainbow coloured cake!

YES! To be honest I quite enjoyed leaving my suitcases half mangled through in my bedroom, laundry untouched, and broken A/C alone and take on a challenge instead! I had every intention of making the cake from scratch and a Lemon Butter-cream Icing that I had sourced here. BUT, I was pooped I had bought a cake for the Sunday party from Sweetness Bakery, a fabulous bakery here on Locke St. and the Tuesday party would require me to source and buy all the ingredients and bake the cake same day with no mistakes. That was a little to much pressure for me and really will the kids notice the difference? so Bulk Barn saved me! love that place. I got everything I needed and once the kids were fed and sleeping off I went to bake!I love the vibrancy the cake has, the secret it gel food colouring, powerful stuff!

It worked out pretty good, if I can say so, there were a few moments when the cake stand did not seem stable so while assembling the layers I moved it to a platter to finish icing. There was a slight lean to the cake so maybe it was a six layered leaning rainbow but hey… it tasted great and the kids said it was “delicious“!  So these photos prove that I am a little proud and think this cake worked out pretty good even though it was not from scratch, don’t tell k?

  1. Kara says:

    Wonderwoman. That is the only word I have for you!

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