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August 26, 2011

steve + esther :: mini family shoot

I love my big brother!

Seems I don’t get to see him very often,  since we live on opposite sides of the country and I have not ventured up to northern BC in the last few years. This past July my entire family got together in Whistler, BC for a little celebration of our parents 35th Anniversary! We had a little bit of time to snap some shots of my big brother and his stunning family. Steve was my “man of honor” at my wedding and I always know I can get some great chats with him and Esther and every time we see each other is like old times again. Honestly, these kids hold some special spots in my heart. They all are the sweetest and most caring kids. Ethan is the oldest and my first nephew, he some how grew up over the years and I can just talk to him about everything! Lily… what a sweet girl, always can be guaranteed a hug and some serious loving! Meghan she may seem like a quite little girl but once she lets you in she not only melts your heart she has some storied to tell! Marcus, this little man is so adorable!! look at those eyes, so full of smiles I just want to squeeze him!

I love this family! Wish I could see them more often and have more meals, coffee dates and family time together, but alas here I sit in Ontario….


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