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September 15, 2011

september / 8 months

They keep growing! This last month Aria has grown like a weed, she is getting some chub on her, what can I say she loves her mama’s fresh baby food. She is still little but compared to what size Logan was at eight months Aria is chubby! So adorable – I think! She has also sprouted some new teeth, one has poked out and the other is not to far behind. I only realized this once she was chewing on my finger and I felt the sharp bite! No tear or whining from this little angle… teething has not been an issue at all. I just notice her chewing her fingers now. But she has become quite a vocal little girl and gets her point across that is for sure. Plus moving, she has her army crawl down pat, now is working on standing up in the playpen and climbing stairs and such.. so the peace is pretty well over here on Rossmore.

Logan, well he is right in there with her, or rather teaching her! Its hilarious listening to him talk to her when they play together. Cracks me up! He is still as busy as ever and rocking a little two year old attitude. But at the same time he is the best little helper, loves his jobs and working like ‘handy Manny’! Can he be any cuter! I love it! We have lots of fun together and he has fallen in love with Richard Scarry books and anything with farmers. Plus, just look at his smile and silly faces can you resit him? I know I can’t!

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