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November 10, 2011

november / 10 months

This little girl is starting to make me re-think how I am going to get her to stay still for this little monthly update! A little mover to say the least, so we went with sitting. The only lying down-ish shot I could manage to get was when she was crawling away… but she is one little character! I love her to bits, look at her expression! There were so many of her cute quirky faces but this one is just so sweet! Mr. Logan, is a little ham, as always! We are having lots of fun keeping up with him and finding to adventures to intrigue his mind. Him and Aria are finally playing nicely together and its so sweet when I hear him reading to Aria or sharing toys, between all the rough housing and tormenting of course! Just another look into a month at the Bosscher house, where kids are forever growing and running!

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