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December 19, 2011

december / 11 months

my little girl is almost one!

I know people say time files, but honestly, these last 11 months with Aria went way faster than they did with Logan. These two little munchkins are full of life over here! Aria is getting way to big! Taking steps, waving, and talking now she says a few words and blows my mind! Love these two. Mr. L is getting pretty into all the festivities of December and was completely in his glory when picking out and cutting down our Christmas tree. A busy month to say the least but so fabulous with these two running around. Now preparations for Christmas are in the works and for our little Aria’s first birthday in the new year!


  1. Peggy Clarke says:

    You have beautiful little children-enjoy every moment with them as you celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ.

  2. marc de ruiter says:

    hallo Sandra

    i love the sheets you make with so much professionality, and also give a look inside your family.
    i wish you a nice chistmas and new years eve.
    God bless you with all yours next year.

    whio knows, we will meet eachother anytime ?


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