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February 16, 2012

2012 sketchbook project / preview

A group of friends from the YSDN program thought this would be a fabulous idea! Sign up for the 2012 world sketchbook project . So there I signed up and got me sketchbook in the mail… then the problem.. where to start. I selected the theme of Stitch and Fold. and the ideas flooded in and I was excited to start.. THEN… well , life happened seemingly my kids and work and other things distracted me for oh, 4-6 months then it was January. I had not started and the deadline was January 31st. So I did as most designers do, work best under pressure! I had two solid weeks were I sat on the couch with my pencils in hand and pens and fell in love with drawing and exploring ideas all over again! The concept grew from illustrating animals transforming in each fold of the page, to strokes switching the the folds and illustrating motion and mirroring shapes; along with type and various other elements. I forgot how much fun the sketchbook is and how I miss the time I had to do it before! So I pretty much fell in love, with my pen and pencil! Then mailed it off one day before the deadline, phew! So i figured i would show a little preview of this personal work of mine before it begins the world tour! This project will be in Toronto in the 3rd week of July so check it out! I will let you know closer to the details…


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