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September 7, 2012

Jodi + Justin Wedding / preview

This wedding is captured all thanks to the fabulous Sara Wilde / sarawilde.com who ran the show for me
and second shooter, Megan Strating / meganstrating.com

It was a new a hard lesson for me, I had booked Justin and Jodi’s wedding a year ago and fell in love with
this great couple when we did there engagement shoot back in the fall. So in love and giddy
excited to be married. Then came the wedding day and all the planning. Turns out my surgeon did not get
my memo about surgery needing to be in the spring not in the middle of wedding season. Things were in
someone else’s hands and I am so ever thankful for my dear friend Sara, she is fabulous and we are pretty
much twins in photography. I felt confident of her stunning talent and work and with Megan at her side
there was a fabulous result.

So with out further adieu, some of the beautiful moments from Jodi + Justin’s wedding day.


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  1. Sara says:

    I love you xox
    So glad you are healing and so thankful to help out with this amazing wedding!! LOVED them to pieces!!!

  2. Lovely people and really nice photography captured the highlights of the day!

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