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September 8, 2012

Brittany + Jeremy / Wedding preview

This wedding was so glamorous and enchanting. All the details the diamonds and the sun light
came through at the perfect time. It was a great day and I feel in love with my camera all over again.
With a bride who thought of everything and a bridal party who made me laugh and scream a lot,
I had a great day with these two. We even had the luxury of shooting with an old Studebaker (I have
dreamt of this day!) a perfect vintage car for this wedding and a great addition to our scene.
This wedding just made me giddy!

So here are a few shots from yesterday that bring flutters to my heart!


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  1. Denise Ludwig says:

    Brit you are gorgeous. And you are married. Congrats and Blessings! Great job Sandra, as always.

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