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April 25, 2013

Maggie + Jordan / engaged

These two were ridiculously amazing to photograph!

These two love birds are getting married this spring and had we got a day with no rain
to go out and capture some photographs. Maggie and Jordan are not only stunning but
also have such a fresh and adorable love, I am pretty sure there was a lot of laughing
and constant smiling between them. I just love that, a couple that can have fun together
makes my job so easy but also to have a love that makes you laugh and smile is so beautiful.
They were braved a muddy trek to find this fabulous tree lines forest gem and a lovely meadow!


How I loved this shoot! A great way to start of the season! I am so excited for your wedding !





  1. I DIE! Love these so much, awesome job Sandra! Oh, and your location! It looks like you’re in BC or something, just amazing! I’m picturing a newborn session in the midst of those trees 😉 Maggie and Jordan, you’re a gorgeous couple. How are you going to pick which ones to hang?!!? They are stunning!

  2. chantal says:

    ahhhh! LOVE them all! So many favourites! Great job Sandra!

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