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July 12, 2013

Mark + Cassie

Ok, this shoot took my breathe away, such a romantic engagement session by Contagious Design + Photo!
There was far to much squealing and excitement from my part.Thankfully these two were hilarious
and just went along with it, despite my craziness! Oh wow, the light this evening was intense and
the newly discovered town of Westover stole my heart.

There was far to many events taking place in one shoot we discovered a stunning Antique shop, found birdcages,
fed some bulls and cows, chatted to a dog, scared some sheep, climbed an electric fence, eaten by bug,
climbed a tree. Pretty much all things that I would call a good time! Well, the best part of all, for me,
was seeing the pure honest love that Mark and Cassie show to each other such a precious thing to witness.
I had so much fun and I am so excited for their wedding next month. Just kinda love these two!


Mark + Cassie-web-7043_Blog.jpg
Mark + Cassie-web-7048_Blog.jpg
Mark + Cassie-web-7067_Blog.jpg
Mark + Cassie-web-7130_Blog.jpg
Mark + Cassie-web-7217_Blog.jpg
Mark + Cassie-web-7274_Blog.jpg
Mark + Cassie-web-7332_Blog.jpg
Mark + Cassie-web-7420_Blog.jpg
Mark + Cassie-web-7493_Blog.jpg
Mark + Cassie-web-7537_Blog.jpg
Mark + Cassie-web-7598_Blog.jpg
Mark + Cassie-web-7662_Blog.jpg
Mark + Cassie-web-7712_Blog.jpg
Mark + Cassie-web-7732_Blog.jpg
Mark + Cassie-web-7783_Blog.jpg
Mark + Cassie-web-7817_Blog.jpg
Mark + Cassie-web-7888_Blog.jpg
Mark + Cassie-web-7929_Blog.jpg
Mark + Cassie-web-8004_Blog.jpg

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