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November 19, 2013

Buist Family Session

I discovered a fabulous spot with this family. Talk about a group that was up for anything!
These guys were running, climbing, hiking and you name it! I gotta say I just love seeing
families have a blast together. I pretty much was laughing or trying to contain myself
this entire session. I loved this group!

It was a great way to mark a milestone for Rick and Susan’s 25th Wedding Anniversary.
Thanks for letting me share in your celebrations!

Buist Family Session-Burlington-Waterfront_0001.jpg
Buist Family Session-Burlington-Waterfront_0002.jpg
Buist Family Session-Burlington-Waterfront_0003.jpg
Buist Family Session-Burlington-Waterfront_0004.jpg
Buist Family Session-Burlington-Waterfront_0005.jpg
Buist Family Session-Burlington-Waterfront_0006.jpg
Buist Family Session-Burlington-Waterfront_0007.jpg
Buist Family Session-Burlington-Waterfront_0008.jpg
Buist Family Session-Burlington-Waterfront_0009.jpg
Buist Family Session-Burlington-Waterfront_0010.jpg
Buist Family Session-Burlington-Waterfront_0011.jpg
Buist Family Session-Burlington-Waterfront_0012.jpg
Buist Family Session-Burlington-Waterfront_0013.jpg
Buist Family Session-Burlington-Waterfront_0014.jpg
Buist Family Session-Burlington-Waterfront_0015.jpg
Buist Family Session-Burlington-Waterfront_0016.jpg
Buist Family Session-Burlington-Waterfront_0017.jpg
Buist Family Session-Burlington-Waterfront_0018.jpg
Buist Family Session-Burlington-Waterfront_0019.jpg
Buist Family Session-Burlington-Waterfront_0021.jpg
Buist Family Session-Burlington-Waterfront_0022.jpg

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