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December 13, 2013

Annual Christmas Tree Hunt / Personal

I thought it was about time to share a few photographs from our fun family tradition.

The ever so dramatic Christmas Tree cutting! This year it was just magical, other years it as been a bit of slim pickings; running out of sun light while freezing outside, then needing a tractor ride back to our truck since we had to hike forever. But not this year! I will admit my family totally does this for me, and this year it was a dream! As we searched for our tree it has to be nice and slender this year to fit in our ‘only’ spot! With my dad in town to tag along we were on a mission! The snow flakes started to slowly fall and the hot apple cider refreshed us… after all my husband, Jay did all the hard work! ¬†Thanks love!

It was a lovely day at Wills Christmas Tree Farm and a location that is worth the drive and the memories! It was just lovely and I wanted to share a glimpse at our day and our adventures with trees, hot coco, apple cider, snuggly scarfs, beautiful snow flakes and a tradition I love!


Christmas_Tree_Hunt_Dec_2013 01 Christmas_Tree_Hunt_Dec_2013 02 Christmas_Tree_Hunt_Dec_2013 03 Christmas_Tree_Hunt_Dec_2013 04 Christmas_Tree_Hunt_Dec_2013 05 Christmas_Tree_Hunt_Dec_2013 06 Christmas_Tree_Hunt_Dec_2013 07 Christmas_Tree_Hunt_Dec_2013 08 Christmas_Tree_Hunt_Dec_2013 09 Christmas_Tree_Hunt_Dec_2013 10 Christmas_Tree_Hunt_Dec_2013 11 Christmas_Tree_Hunt_Dec_2013 12 Christmas_Tree_Hunt_Dec_2013 13 Christmas_Tree_Hunt_Dec_2013 14 Christmas_Tree_Hunt_Dec_2013 15 Christmas_Tree_Hunt_Dec_2013 16 Christmas_Tree_Hunt_Dec_2013 17 Christmas_Tree_Hunt_Dec_2013 18 Christmas_Tree_Hunt_Dec_2013 19 Christmas_Tree_Hunt_Dec_2013 20 Christmas_Tree_Hunt_Dec_2013 21 Christmas_Tree_Hunt_Dec_2013 22 Christmas_Tree_Hunt_Dec_2013 23 Christmas_Tree_Hunt_Dec_2013 25