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December 18, 2013

Weiske Family / Fall Demi Session

This family was hilarious! to say the least!

Lets just say growing up with boys sure came in handy!
It was a great afternoon and after running around like a crazy photographer.
Two parents who so deeply love each other and a family that is growing.
What a blessing. it was lovely for a generation family photography session.

Its so special to capture these families and this moment in their lives.
I loved chatting to them all, lots of laugher, some blushing and lots of love!
Doesn’t get much better than that!

Weiske Family_0004.jpg
Weiske Family_0002.jpg
Weiske Family_0007.jpg
Weiske Family_0005.jpg
Weiske Family_0003.jpg
Weiske Family_0006.jpg
Weiske Family_0009.jpg
Weiske Family_0008.jpg
Weiske Family_0010.jpg
Weiske Family_0011.jpg