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May 1, 2014

HELLO, Adventure


Big things are in the works for my family as well as Contagious Design + Photo.

We are embracing the adventure set before us and moving to the west coast for three years. California has always been a special place for my family and it seems that paths have lead us to discover life as a family in San Jose, CA. We will be moving at the end of the summer and settle into a new life there, so at the moment, my mind is full of lists and organizing to get this move on the go. We are so blessed by supportive family and friends and amazing clients who are flexible with a little added chaos!

Keeps life interesting.
We are learning that everyday is an adventure, and to live in the NOW!

So we are saying “Hello, Adventure and hello, California”


To my clients:

I am continually grateful and thankful for you all! Things are changing but the business is still here.
I will be available to all my current clients and all bookings that have been made.

I will be available for design and creative work during our time in California.
I am available for selected wedding dates and photography session in Ontario, Canada in the coming years.

Send all inquiries to hello@contagiousdesign.ca


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