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August 11, 2015

Imagination a Children's Story Book

This was so exciting to see come in the mail. The first sample book!
It really happened. It’s printed and I can flip it!
What a great feeling.

Children’s book illustration has always been something that I have wanted to explore and dive into. This past fall I was approached by Michael to join him in this endeavour. It was perfect he has written some stories and wanted to have them come to life. I was given full creative freedom and able to do just that, make the words come to life in a visual way. It was such a great way to collaborate words and illustrations and leave a little to the imagination.

So now the next steps are to see if we can peak enough interested and take this book into production. Would love to hear from some of you readers, writers, illustrators and all in between who may have some advice on first steps but also your thoughts! Please share!

Imagination Sample Book-0001_Blog Imagination Sample Book-0003_Blog Imagination Sample Book-0006_Blog Imagination Sample Book-0009_Blog Imagination Sample Book-0012_Blog Imagination Sample Book-0013_Blog Imagination Sample Book-0016_Blog Imagination Sample Book-0017_Blog Imagination Sample Book-0021_Blog

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