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Baby Kayley / New Life Session

Little Miss Kayley, a new niece of mine, got a little play date with me! We had some fun together and some cuddles. She slept soundly and let me have my fun and look at these adorable shots! thanks L!

February 15, 2012

babies, Family

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little myles / Three days old

This adorable little man was only three days old for this photo shoot and was a little angle! Love him! We got lots of fun shots and used all kinds of new props! hope you enjoy his hug-able, squish-able cheeks and his oh so sweet expressions!

February 2, 2012

babies, Blog, Family

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myles / new life session

only 3 days old and so precious. Had such sweet snuggles and just wanted to squeeze this little man. Thanks L + A for a great morning shoot.

January 18, 2012

babies, Love

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alexa / new life

Little Alexa! already a month old now, I am a little late on this post due to holidays and reno’s etc. But this precious little girl was so fun to photograph. I had such a great time getting snuggles from her and sharing some quality time with her mama! Hope you enjoy!

January 12, 2012

babies, Love

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cake smash / Aria is ONE

Our family tradition of a little cake smash marks our children’s first birthday! Hard to believe our darling, firey and sweet daughter will be one tomorrow. Our blessing in so many ways. She had a great time with her very own cake, after a little hesitation and doubt that we would actually let her do […]

January 7, 2012

babies, Family, Personal

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alexa / one week / new life

I could not help but post a couple shots from yesterdays shoot! Love this little girl, only one week! Thanks E+D for letting me take over your place and have some fun with little A!

December 23, 2011


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Baxter / 6 weeks / new life

This little man is just so squish-able! At 6 weeks he was learning how to put up a good fight but after an hour or so he gave into some calm moments and eyed the camera the whole time until the sleep sheep came along and he got a little sleep! Look at his cute […]

October 26, 2011

babies, Love

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Ada / two weeks / new life

such a sweet little girl! I think this tiny girl melted my heart! She seemed very relaxed and willing to take a little nap while I went camera happy. She was nice ad cozy in the warm blankets and fur, I started to feel bad to change her pose! Look at all that hair and […]

October 25, 2011

babies, Family

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baby Baxter // New Life Session

Oh this little man is so squishable! At 6 weeks he made me work for these shots.. he eventually gave into the sweet sounds of the ‘sleep sheep’ and we got some adorable shots! One of my favourite shots of this little man!

October 21, 2011

babies, Love

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baby Ada // New Life Session

Here is one of the many adorable shots I got yesterday of the beautiful baby Ada, just 2 weeks new! We has such a fun time together, this little girl has moves ! One little squirm who eventually gave into some sleep and let it all out! Thanks Lee and Rosalie for letting me come […]

October 18, 2011

babies, Family

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