Alan Alda

"Be brave enough to live life creatively.
The creative place where no one else has ever been"

I am an artist. At the heart of it I create things. I use digital media, photography and a paint brush to pursue all things creative. 

I love to share in life and to be surrounded by people's stories.  My story starts with Jesus, he is my creator and lover of my soul. My husband is my biggest cheerleader, with the three kiddos screaming along side him. They are my drive, they push me to be who I was created to be. My passion is to create, in each moment to capture something and lock it away till I can find  way to express it. 

It is usually the simple things that make me so happy, a morning coffee with coconut milk. The ambient tunes that give rhythm to my day. Then once I am awake and ready to face the day, a good sweaty workout invigorates me to get things done! 

As much as I crave to be with people, I also savor my time alone. I love the process of creating and imagining. A day of wandering through a city or a forest is perfection! So this is me.
Doing what I love!


I am a mother, wife, believer, and a lover of authenticity.


I am passionate about photography and documenting real life in an authentic way. For me it is about being present to create moments where each person is lost in the glance, an instant is happening and captured, with it the memories stay. When you are wrapped up with the people you hold dear, the ones you deeply love, it consumes you. All you can do it soak it in and be. Just be there, in these quick moments. This is what I love to capture, you as you are. Authentic. Real. I am inspired by the natural light, the beauty it ignites. Using my candid style to document these moments entwined together with memories, my journalist style captures your story. 


This studio offers original design from the beginning, where the pencil hits the paper. the first sketch of the thumbnail through
the process when the stroke forms in illustrator and into the final design. Design always starts with a thought, an idea. Together we are collaborating to envelop your voice to pour into the design. To conceive a strategic creation, which encompasses those pencil strokes and speak for you. It will captive an emotion and prompt a response. The craft is distinct and will uniquely connect to your market. 


Art is the foundation of all my work. the way it is portrayed is diverse. Which medium is chosen. The color palette is used. Which tools apply the strokes. This is the process of creating art. Refining my craft and making art that is tangible on a canvas, art that is digital and multi dimensional. Each is a part of me speaking to people in the world, to one person, to you. What does it say? what do you feel? what do you think? What does it evoke in you? This is the honesty of art and the process of creating; it starts with small thoughtful stages that build together to create a power piece of art. For you.